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Sundays @ 10AM


 S.O.L.A. is an acronym for Saints of Los Angeles. The word saint   simply refers to someone who is set apart. We love the idea that   God is setting people apart on the Westside to be part of   something really special. You could also think of sola – or sol – as   the sun: a source of light and heat, necessary for life.   Metaphorically, Sola Church is all about light, love, and life.




Allen Rigg and Miranda Landers - husband and wife - are the leaders of Sola Church in Santa Monica, California. They love God and love people. After serving in ministry together for the last ten years, they have felt the call to start a life-giving church on the Westside.


Allen is the founding pastor of Calvary Austin, in Texas, the church he led for 18 years seeing it grow from four to 1,400. Miranda is a GMA Dove Award-nominated Christian recording artist and has performed across the country. In 2010, they both went through very painful and public divorces. Then, in 2014 God began opening doors to a new season of life and ministry.


"We want you to know that if you have experienced disappointment in your life, then you are not alone. We also have had painful setbacks but have found hope and healing in the local church.” – Allen & Miranda


our vision is for people to...


 1. Step IN – attend on the weekend 

 (in-person or online) and know God 

 2. Step OUT – participate in a small 

 group (in-person or online), find 

 freedom and discover purpose 

 3. Step UP – serve at church and in 

 the community and make a difference. 


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